RULES (for all races)

general :

  • To be able to participate you have to race in a team consisting of two persons that are at least 18 years old and able to swim. You will race as pairs and not a relay. So that means both team members start together and do all the legs together and finish together.
  • The two members of each team have to stay together at all times
  • All teams need to bring all their equipment from start to finish, if a team fail to bring all their equipment to the finish line they will be disqualified. ie You will be not allowed to have people along the course providing you equipment. You will need to start with all the equipment you will be using for the race and then determine how you will carry it. This decision on how you approach carrying the equipment during the race will be left with the athletes. ie swim with runners or carry back pack etc
  • Mandatory equipment - 1 Watch, 2 Whistles (1 per person). Race Tops (provided at check in) must be worn and visible all the time during the race. Swimcaps must be worn visible during all the swims
  • Not allowed Equipment - Floatation help that is bigger than 100 cm x 60 cm or flippers/fins.
  • Otherwise you are allowed to bring any equipment you like. Competitors are able to swim with Pull Buoy and Paddles however as mentioned competitors must carry all equipment for duration of the event
  • There will be several water / food checkpoints throughout the course
  • There will be several medical points where participants can get help if needed and medical staff and equipment on boats and on land.
  • Your time is from the wave start time until the last of the two team members have passed the finish line. It is import you stay within 10m of each other at all times.

Safety :

  • The two members of each team have to stay together at all times and can not be more than 10 metres apart. This will be policed throughout the event.
  • The race organisation can refuse a team to continue if they judge them not capable, caused by fatigue or being in such bad physical condition.
  • Diving head first into the water is strictly prohibited
  • The wearing of headphones is strictly prohibited
  • When crossing a road, athletes must take all caution. Athletes must follow road and traffic rules at all times.
  • ​If another team needs assistance any team around that area must stop and assist before recommencing race
  • External assistance - It is not allowed to receive assistance from other people or vehicles (with the exception of race officials eg. Aid Station)
  • Each team has to make their own way from start to finish. Athletes can not use any equipment outside the rules to gain an unfair advantage over other competitors.
  • Please keep to left hand side of the swim leg and run legs at all times. As you will be at time swimming and running towards other competitors so the rule is you stay left of any oncoming competitors.

Athletes Responsibility:

  • The participants must know the rules and follow these at all times
  • The participants shall respect other participants, organisation, spectators and the people living in the race area.
  • The participants are not allowed to use unfair methods to get advantages or outside assistance.
  • The participants are obliged (stop there race) to help in case of emergency if the organisation or other athlete is asking for it.

Before the race:

  • Should participants choose to train and scout the course area prior to the race we ask you to respect the residents in the area. Participants do this at their own risk.
  • It is the athletes responsibility to be physically capable and have the required fitness level to complete the course. SwimRun is a demanding sport that requires a high level of fitness

During the race:

  • The participants are participating at their own risk and can not hold the organisation responsible for any accident during the race.
  • The teams are obliged at their best ability to help another team that has been injured or being sick.
  • A team that has abandoned the race shall report as soon as possible to the organisation, this can be done at the start/finish of any swim section, alternatively at the race start/finish area.
  • Littering on course in anyway is strictly prohibited. If a team is seen doing so they will get disqualified.
  • Athletes must at all times follow the instructions of race officials
  • It is the athletes responsibility to know the course, any alterations will result in disqualification

nutrition :

  • Hammer Nutrition (gels and electrolyte) and water will be available at each checkpoint
  • You may leave your own nutrition at designated checkpoints (check rdi for latest information)





*Age 18 Plus 
*PLEASE NOTE ONLY 100 ENTRIES will be accepted


23 March 2019


  • MALE TEAM -  Senior
  • FEMALE TEAM -  Senior
  • MIXED TEAM- Senior

what do you get (all RACES)

  • Medal when you cross the line
  • Race Top (Must be worn during race)
  • Swim Cap
  • Plus More







For updated timetable info, please follow this link:


We pride ourselves on providing competitors the opportunity to enter early, but then withdraw within a reasonable timeframe should their situation change. We understand that circumstances may change,

Please ensure you are aware of the below refund/transfer policy on entering. This policy is part of the terms and conditions of entry. Any change to this policy will be made at the discretion of the Event Director, who has the final say and no further communication will be entered into once the decision has been made.

A 5% cancellation fee will be incurred if you withdraw up until 2months from event date
A 50% cancellation fee will be incurred if you withdraw up until 1month from event date

A 75% cancellation fee will be incurred if you withdraw up until 2weeks from event date
NO refunds will be available from 13 days prior to event date

Altnernatively entries can be transferred into another competitors name or for you to transfer your entry into either next years race or another race up until 7 days from event. Fee will apply A transfer fee may be applicable depending on when you request was recieved. . Under no circumstance may a competitor race in another competitors name without our knowledge.

Refunds/Transfer must be requested in writing by emailing

Stage details

Stage 1 - Run 1 - 1.1km
Stage 2 - Swim 1 - 400m

Stage 3 - run 2 - 1.4km 
Stage 4 - Swim 2 - 200m
Stage 5 - run 3 3.2km
Stage 6 - Swim 3 - 300m
Stage 7 - Run 4 - 2km (turnaround)
Stage 8 - Swim 4 - 300m
Stage 9 - Run 5 - 3.2km
Stage 10 - swim 5 - 200m
Stage11 - run 6 - 1.4km
Stage 12  - swim 6 400m
Stage 13 -run 7 1.1km

TOTAL Run distance - 13.4km

total swim distance - 1.8km

*PLEASE NOTE DISTANCES Are approximate and may vary slightly